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2015.10.31, Saturday

Pastor's Message

Dear All,

pastorlindaI write this having just returned from a week of continued education. I first went to Yale and was surrounded by some wonderful scholarship and people who I have known since I was a student at YDS. Our speakers challenged us to think about preaching differently, being aware that our listeners tend to be more visual all the time. How religion interacts with the state department was another lecture as well as a panel on what’s next in the area of LGBTQ human rights. We prayed together, ate together, and spent time talking about our lives. It was a nourishing time for me.

I left there and went on to a Dream Builder experience where I not only spent time on my dreams, but getting help with how to help us as a congregation truly dream into existence the church we imagine St. John’s to be in the future. I spent some time getting clearer on the Prosperity Plus curriculum that we will be using come January. I heard the testimony of a church that has just completed building a new church building using Prosperity Plus. Members of the staff helped me think about what a full vision might include at St .John’s.

I am getting excited for our event on the 7th. So I invite YOU to start priming your pump for the 7th. Imagine that you have just been given a magic wand and everything has worked out perfectly (no editing to what you think possible for now) at St. John’s and now it is 2019. What does St. John’s look like? What is worship like? What ministry is St. John’s doing in the world? What are you doing when you come to St. John’s and what makes you want to be here? How do you experience God through St. John’s? How have you grown and changed as a result of being part of this church? Go on! Be wild! Dream your greatest version of St. John’s!
Following our Summit on the 7th we will gather for our Sunday worship to celebrate Stewardship Sunday…a time to dedicate to God the resources we promise to give to create that church we have dreamed up together. If you notice this year we are not only looking for money resources but gifts of time and talents. How are you going to give of yourself for the ministry of St John’s?
The following Sunday we will welcome 5 new members into our fellowship and then on the 22nd it will be time to give thanks for all our work and gifts as we have our harvest lunch. After lunch we will ready the sanctuary for Advent.
It is a full November ahead here at St John’s. This is an amazing church and I give thanks for all the ways we are continuing to reach and grow.
With love and prayers,

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