We do our mission in the world with our partners.

CARITAS - is our partner for serving the homeless. We serve as both an intake site and housing site for the women's program. This is our most hands-on opportunity to serve.

** CARITAS is in desperate need for new or clean, gently washed blankets for the women's and family shelters. A box will be placed in the Parlor for any donations. Please see Elisabeth Burnette if you have any questions.

Comfort Cases - provides suitcases and basics for children in foster care we support them through collections and help packing the bags

CROP Walk - We have hosted the Richmond CROP Walk for a number of years. This year with renovations coming we are working on organizing, collecting and walking the date for this years CROP walk is September 16th Please join us

Circle Center Adult Day Services and ACTS - Area Congregations Together in Service - are both organizations that serve people in Richmond which St John's helped establish and continue to support.

Annual we support:

We support the wider mission of the church through contributing to all 5 UCC offerings

  • Our Church's Wider Mission
  • Neighbors In Need
  • Strengthen The Church
  • Veterans Of The Cross (Christmas Offering)
  • One Great Hour Of Sharing

We've visited our mission partners. Here's some pictures from that visit.

Mission of the Month

We will be serving as the intake center for the CARITAS women's group beginning Saturday, March 9 continuing nightly through April 20.  First English and the Church of the Good Shepherd will be taking Monday and Tuesday nights. We need members of St. John's to serve as hosts for   Wednesday through Sunday nights.  There should be at least two people signed up for each day.  Feel free to sign up on a day that is already taken but touch base with those people to coordinate refreshments.

We will be serving approximately 40 women each night and want to greet them with an Extravagant Welcome.  As they won't have supper until somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. and lunch was many hours earlier, we would like to serve a "substantial snack" – something sweet (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.), something savory/salty (chips with salsa or cheese and crackers), and something healthy (fruit, veggies, etc.).

There will be a list with the sign up sheets of nonperishable items that we will need.  All donations can be placed in the kitchen with a note indicating it is for CARITAS. Look for more information on Sunday mornings.  If you have any questions, please see Elisabeth Burnette.  Paper sign-up sheets will be in the Parlor beginning February 10th.


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